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In Search of a Professional Certified Accountant or Controller?

Does your company have a regular need for temporary or long-term professionals in the field of finance and controlling? Or are you searching for an experienced management consultant?

MFI Finance Team provides a Network of Professionals in Finance & Controlling
MFI Finance provides your company with an effective solution. Since 1996 we have been going and growing, building a track record in interim management and secondment of certified professionals and specialists in the field of finance & controlling.

Our consultants are top professionals and service clients in different types of sectors from banking and insurance to industry and government. Contributing to the enduring success of our clients operations by adding strength and high standard performance.

In House Expertise
Due to our in house expertise we can ensure that a thorough but rapid assessment of all significant required competencies and skills is made. This being followed by a presentation of selected resumes matching the job profile.

Upon acceptance of the offer, we will be supporting our consultants to accomplish the best results in meeting your company’s needs. 

Four Types of Interim Management

In our business we define four types of interim management.

Crisis Management
Sharp contradictions, serious failure or long-term stagnation can threaten an organisation’s existence. Crisis management can be implemented as a solution. Offering a broad spectrum of measures to release the organisation out of the deadlock.

Change Management
Change managers can play an important role in the analyses and implementation of operational programs within divisions that are not functioning properly. Sometimes this entails technological or structural changes or changes in company culture.

Replacement Management
If the procedure to find a new manager is taking a long time, it is important to avoid stagnation of the business processes. Our experienced interim managers are able to quickly adapt to the company culture and possess sufficient operational knowledge to perform management tasks.

Project Management
Special one-off projects may require the service of an external project manager. Fast and effective change can be analysed and implemented avoiding extra pressure on management performance.


MFI Finance Professionals can be hired on a temporary, permanent or a project term contract. We define the following services:

Accountancy Services
Financial audit, Operational audit and EDP audit.

Preparing the budget, internal and external reporting, process improvement, containment of costs, design and description of the administrative processes and internal control and implementation of corporate governance, Basel II, IFRS and SAS70.

Treasury Management
Management of incoming, outgoing funds and working capital.

Financial Administration
Activities in this field are broad from project administration to writing the annual report. 

Compact Organization
MFI Finance is a compact organisation. Therefore we are able to react swiftly to demands from our clients. Our staff are all experienced professionals and are fully able to understand the needs of your business.

Independence, Integrity and Quality
We abide by three base principles: independence, integrity and quality. These principles are being adapted within all of our processes, from recruitment to training.
Please contact one of our account managers for more information regarding our organisation or to make an appointment for a meeting to discuss your requirements.