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Merger & Acquisition Services

With a success rate of less than 15%, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures can be high-risk undertakings, but success provides impressive pay-offs. For most firms, the basic objective is to increase profit and to achieve strategic benefits. In families the lack of successors is the main reason to sell all or part of the shares in the family business.

We specialize in Business Brokerage, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Valuation and Consulting services focusing on the financial services, technical services and manufacturing sectors.

Our Professionals
Selecting a confidential advisor to help in the divesting of your company or buying one is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. Adding value to a company takes years of hard work; and having the wrong advisor, can wipe out much of the value those years have achieved. Accordingly, buying a business that does not take your personal and financial goals into consideration could have disappointing results.

Our team of associates, the most valuable resource, consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in a variety of business types, finance, and consulting field.

Acquiring or merging with a company having a valuable technology, process, capability, market share or collateral often provides a faster pay-off than possible from a new in-house initiative, and with more predictable results. Selecting the best target company from several is an iterative process. To scope out the project, we meet with the client to determine key business, financial, strategic and technical issues, the context and other related aspects. MFI staff then visits, researches and analyzes each candidate company, producing a thorough, thoughtful and relevant evaluation of each organization. Throughout the process, the privacy and security of all parties is scrupulously maintained. When a business partners is found, MFI assists in the deal making, contract negotiations and the transfer of shares or assets.

Reference cases

- Financial services sector; transfer of shares to the management of a business unit
- Sale of a manufacturing company in Belgium producing high tech equipment
- Design and production of dampers; valuation and sale of the business.
- Oil and Gas Industry; sale of a technical services division
- Water treatment and waste destruction; valuation of a business unit with the
  objective to split it up and sell the two parts
- Steel industry: purchase of a manufacturing firm in Germany